Gott Kennen – Knowing God

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Munich, Bavaria

This truck delivered plaster just opposite my office window. The inscription struck me as somewhat dissonant, and after some consideration I discovered why: .com is for commercial enterprises. “Gott kennen”, knowing God is, well, not really commercial, at least not here in Europe. I’d even dare to say that there is a certain antagonism, just thinking of the traders in the temple.

But then, if they signed not to vote in favour of any tax increase, maybe they think they have made a good deal with God?


  1. Before I even read your text (and with my limited German) I’d already come to exactly the same thoughts as you have done! Especially with the second line of text on the tank. I looked up GottKennen.com on Google but only GottKennen.de came up so I’d say it was a bit of a puzzle. What is the reason and intention of someone delivering plaster (concrete?) in having that sign written on their wagons? I’m really curious!

  2. gottkennen.com is a redirect to gottkennen.jesus.net .. in the end responsible for all this is “Campus Crusade for Christ” from the US … I was curious because this is really a strange sight.
    No more to say – me = speechless. Not my cup of tea at all.

  3. Colin, Martina, as far as I know there is a certain missionary pressure from U.S. evangelical groups in Europe, however to me it seemed up to now more of the low level kind. I never saw them advertising in this scale. That “Campus Crusade for Christ” seems of the quite conservative kind – homosexuality is a curable disease and the like. I really want this kind of stuff happen here in Europe, too.

  4. I’m afraid it’s contagious. I wouldn’t be the least surprised—though I’d certainly hope to make the situation into a picture as Markus has done—to encounter this anywhere, anytime, in America. There are candidates here running “serious campaigns” who, if elected, would wage a war of legislative ‘reform’ quite indistinguishable from the Taliban in its social effect. We need to worry, here, and you need to beware of the export.

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