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Freilassing, Bavaria

I scrutinized the car for statements that would explain that medieval style icon in the window but found nothing exept a fragmentary hint to a Mercedes-Benz website. Well, not so rarely cars make up as drop-in replacements for religion, but here this was at least not the obvious case.


  1. Markus, for some reason this reminds me of a wonderful line, whose author I don’t recall:

    “If Jesus was alive today, would he wear a Rolex on his TV show?”

    PS: ‘was’ deserves a “sic” as a grammatical error, but appropriate use of the subjunctive ‘were’ would have ruined the joke.

    1. That business and success aspect of religion is something at least momentarily unusual in the German society (of course the Calvinist’s model is known at least to the educated). Our big churches are usually modest in their behaviour and certainly feature more the caritas aspects than their economic skills. In my eyes this goes much better along the foundations of the Christian religion.

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