Loriot Tot – Loriot Dead

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Krk, Croatia

This week, one of Germany’s greatest humorists has died. The man on the beach is reading the most disreputable German boulevard newspaper ‘Bild’ (my keyboard cringed when I typed the word ‘newspaper’ in this connotation), which is famous for its large-letter black and red titlepage, with the sad news shouted at the reader.


  1. And I am sure they managed to show some naked woman accompanying the news.

    Nevertheless is the photo very poignant in its contrasts – the quiet scene with the air mattress versus the shouting newspaper headlines.

  2. Martina, as we all know people need to be tittytained (¬Ę Z. Brzezinski, in BILD context the first part is to be understood in the genuine slang meaning).

    It’s probably an image for us Germans, with all those national implications…

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