1. Markus, from the looks of the surrounding building (bowed wall, cracks and settling) I would be surprised if the door would even open…it may be wedged shut. Much interesting “character” in this photo!

  2. @Martin, Earl, Eric: Thanks. I’ve been enamoured with Krk’s doors since the first time I came there, so Eric’s calling falls on fertile grounds. Maybe in next SoFoBoMo’s fuzzy month – my holidays will probably fall again into that timeframe.

    There’s a background story connected with that image: I was desperately seeking for a bike repair shop, being 8km away from the camp ground and having punctured my front tyre three times with thistle fruits. But despite of those bad state of affairs I stopped for this image. Later on I wandered, no patches/tyres available in this place.

    Probably not necessary to mention that the photo stop that caused the damage brought no yield…

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