June Wallpapers

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The June wallpapers are here, as usual. This month’s image was made in the ‘Pinakothek der Moderne’ in Munich, which has a wonderful collection of contemporary design, too. And they don’t forbid photography in the museum (without flash of course) which in a certain way reconciled me with the high entrance fee. 10,- € might not be much for the young urban ‘performers’, but it certainly limits your wish to visit the museum if you have to get along with a limited budget, being still in school or apprenticeship. A museum that is only for elite groups in a certain way falls short. But as Bavaria has a right wing government almost since WWII, this certainly is not unintended. Just keep the classes separate…


  1. Martha, Andreas: Thank you! Sometimes the behaviour of a photographer is that of a hunter and treasure seeker – you have to wander for quite a while, but inevitably you run into something worth collecting.

  2. I agree with Andreas and Martha, that’s a great wallpaper! The toning works just fine and the shadow lines that cross diagonally are playing wonderfully with the grain of the wood.

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