The Photographer’s Daughter

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Today many countries in Europe celebrate “Father’s Day”. Whilst I am not inclined to follow tradition so much as to sit with other fathers on a charriot, sing and get drunk, I was even more surprised and delighted to get a father’s day present of one of my twin daughters: a small portfolio of her latest images, converted to black and white and printed with her mother’s help.

I usually don’t urge my kids to try any of my footsteps – I am convinced that paradox intervention is usually more successful in education – but one of the kids wanted a camera as a birthday present and now really uses it, sometimes – sensation, sensation – asking for and following advice. So this is a father’s day joy of the truest kind.


  1. I second Stephen’s comments. Not only some good potential, but she’s already sequencing work, making folios!

    Congratulations, Markus.

    1. Eric, thanks! She’s a 4th grader now, and this year their teacher introduced free work on a self chosen topic, targeted at information collection, writing of short descriptions but also drawing and painting. So she was already familiar with that concept of a portfolio, and needed just a bit of support to transfer it.

    1. It always did amaze me how different these twin girls developed, both in temperament and preferences. And of course it is one of the great joys of parenthood to be able to see them become sensitive as well as creative!

  2. What a gift it is to see the world, even momentarily, through a daughter’s eyes…and what a complement that she would share your interest in photography. This is truly a gift to be cherished and a bright talent to be encouraged.

    1. Martha, these are definitely happy moments. When all the stress, unavoidable in a family of five, subsides, it is more than rewarding to see how they all grow in their different ways. Direct teaching is rarely what they ask for, so creating space for them to explore and try is an indirect support in letting them grow.

  3. Not much to add to what’s already been said……it really is a gift (for you and her).

    Let’s hope that she stays interested in and continues to enjoy life behind the camera!

    1. I could imagine that one of the secrets of trade is not to expect too much from her, not to put her under pressure, and to show her carefully that what she does is held in high esteem.

      I neither want to be a ‘tiger’ nor a ‘grizzly’ parent. There’s too much of those around.

  4. Great, tradition (for once) in a very positive meaning.

    The photos really look talented, maybe you can hire your daughter as a guest editor for your blog… 😉

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