1. There are times when all I’d ask for is a quiet, simple, peaceful place in the sun and even that would be consider a luxury.

    That horizontal fondation line aligns and compliments the chair and table heights.

  2. Martina, Earl, when I made this image, I also saw a poignant aspect: Everything but the table is very square, the material hard, cold, in a certain sense lifeless – even the very exact wooden shutter does not really transport an inviting feeling. I admit that my framing tries to support this feelings, and the title was chosen to highlight this antagonism.
    If you try to compare this with, like in Germany, Bavarian farm houses, or in the U.S. the front porches you find on many houses: In many of these I see more emotional warmth, signs of life, than here in the image above.

  3. Ha, that’s interesting how interpretions can differ – while I am seeing the sparkle of sunlight on the chair and on the steps, the not so weed-free porch and everything telling me of someone who uses this space for some ten minutes of quiet rest your approach is almost the opposite.

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