(Tree) Shadows On The Wall

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The house in the image to the right was already subject of a post, here. This time I got a glimpse of the shadows’ play out of the bus window, and instead of changing immediately (and reaching the office early) I decided in favor of the sunlight’s spectacle on the walls. Processing of these images was easy – early morning front light doesn’t stress the dynamic range too much – but the leading image did benefit from some selective fill light at the bottom. Bibble5 as usual, it gets improved every minor version step. That it still lacks some of the plugins of the 4 version, this for me is more then compensated by the possibility to work in regions on the raw file itself. Definitely a straightforward workflow for no-frills raw conversion.


  1. Hi Markus,
    I find myself drawn to the second, smaller image. Beautiful and artistic. I like the angle very much.

  2. Martha, I allowed my secret liking for “complicated” images take over – I especially liked that mess with the bicycles in the dark foreground. In that smaller image I do enjoy that strong orange/blue contrast between wall and sky.

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