1. Well, now I am smiling!

    Isn’t that —for you— an unusual amount of manipulation in the virtual darkroom?

    1. Tyler, I am for sure not prone to fall in the HDR-hole, but seeing and showing most of my images in a quite straight manner doesn’t mean that I abstain from all visible processing – I do remember one winter image where I did clone out a branch from a tree which caused mixed reactions in the audience, here: http://markus-spring.info/wp/2010/03/more-thumsee/

      In the present case the image situation was an open shadow, a dirty wall and dull green grass, so to emphasize that duplicity as well as the estate of slow decay, I did tug on the curves a little bit more than usual. I have to admit it stands out from the rest of the bunch, but not in a negative way.

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