A Wet Affair: Photowalk 2010 in Bad Reichenhall

. Tagged with Scott Kelby Photowalk 2010
Model at the Fountain. Tagged with Scott Kelby Photowalk 2010

Hard to believe, but this year’s weather for the photowalk was even more wet than last year’s. The palm trees (planted in pots and brought into the streets by the spa administration, only to pretend a mediterranean climate) were dripping with rain. At least I was lucky having brought my own model (to the right). Other than that a fine time was having had by all, and plans were made for next year, maybe sporting a wet suit and fins then. So I will save my money for an underwater housing for the camera.


  1. Not sure how it was in Bad Reichenhall but I assume you “picked” _the_ day after weeks of high temperatures and drought? Nevertheless I like the two big drops on the palmleaf corresponding with the two umbrellas beneath “shot” (harrharr) very much. Nice composition.

    1. Martina, don’t tell anybody: I used my super cow powers trying to concentrate all available clouds over Bad Reichenhall – and I succeeded! Oh yes, and I deserve all mockery regarding “shot” – Carl was definitely the wrong one to argue with about the usage of this word.

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