Not A SoFoBoMo Book: Budapest Fringe Time

Click to enlarge: fringetimebudapest_cover
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A missed deadline is a missed deadline, and a SoFoBoMo book that takes more to complete than the given 31 day period is not a SoFoBoMo book. Such as mine.

What is a failure in SoFoBoMo categories is still not a failure for me. I made my book, and the process of selecting, editing and laying out was… well, it was not fun, but a pleasure, especially when seeing the product. You can download it here , and I will also adapt the menu structure to accomodate the books, as there are now two. And I guess they will not stay alone there.

So, deadline missed, but personal mission accomplished.


  1. Same with me. I wouldn’t care much about it, at least I don’t. We miss some exposure, but then, maybe not that much. I can’t imagine too many people who look at all the finished books. Visitors to our blogs likely do it anyway, and there is definitely some overlap.

    As to the book and the doors, funny, it’s strikingly similar to what I photographed this morning in Vienna 🙂

    You probably won’t see it before tomorrow night, right now I haven’t created the post for yesterday. But you’ll see, it’s a funny coincidence.

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