Alpine Meadows

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The village of Anger is said to be the most beautiful on in Bavaria. Taking into account that this statement was made by King Ludwig I of Bavaria (Ludwig II was the slightly unhinged one, playing with fairy tale castles) and that the number of villages in Bavaria is quite big, this really means some excellency. Of course the king didn’t see the subvillage now spreading out over the northern slopes of Anger (and up to now I feared for the sanity of my lens and therefore avoided to photograph it), but landscape and situation can be still beautiful. Ok, still in its denotation as an adjective is incorrect again as the highway passes the village just some 100m away. Oh well, have a look at the church of Anger maybe here in this post. Worth a visit, in spite of all.


  1. I’ve not the experience or broad exposure to determine the most beautiful village in Bavaria, but I do know beautiful landscapes and countrysides when I see them! The distant mountain horizon fading into the overcast sky is wonderful, as is the play of sunlight on the valley/meadow below.

    1. Earl, there is reason enough to mistrust all those categorisations. Nowadays they are passed on and published mainly to attract tourists. And the true beauty we allways find in combinations of a moment in time and a certain place where light and mood and the physical landscape match.

  2. Ahhhhh! Gorgeous. Ludwig may not have been so crazy after all. You captured the scene at a lovely moment; the lighting and colors as well as the scene are positively captivating!

    1. This is a blatant example how Bavaria is ahead of it’s time. I captured those ash clouds on April 5th, 9 days ahead of the eruption. 🙂

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