Church of Anger, dominating the Village

bavaria still is one of the roman-catholic heartlands. no politician will stand a chance opposing the church Рthe green party at the moment has to learn this the hard way, it seems. this domination was in former times even a physical one, as you can see in this picture: the church really towering over a village of maybe 10² houses.

This image needed some more postprocessing: removing CA with gimp, adding saturation to the not so blue sky, incrementing local contrast etc. i am still amazed about the performance of this budget/lightweight/small tamron lens.


  1. The title certainly grabs ones attention and the structure looms over the town in a way that nobody would miss it. If not for the information you’ve shared, it looks like a peaceful little area.

  2. The catholic church is certainly very good in symbolism – and often beautiful, impressive symbols at that. Whether that can also be said about their principal attitudes remains a matter for discussion…

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