Facing the Inevitable: Magnolias of Spring

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Trying to find a balance between beauty and banality, furtheron trying to fight against deadly repetition, I fear I have lost and have to face defeat: I admit having used the saturation slider as nature’s colors were not satisfying my need for overwhelming warmth and tenderness.
And to add to this crime, I have succumbed to the sin of posting several images of the same subject, as I did not succeed in creating a single ‘right’ one that would include all aspects I wanted to capture.

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But I am a repentless sinner, keeping to the great Martin Luther, who advised his followers: “sin courageously and believe even more courageously” (pecca fortiter, crede fortior). And who knows, maybe he would plant a Magnolia tree today.


  1. Uhuu – lot’s of “add me … ” “tweet me” et al – the blogger’s spring fever? The first photo I like best – even with the a little bit disrupting white line in the foreground. The colouring works great with the blur.

    Ha, I didn’t make photos of buds this year, I didn’t post any buds this year — I am wondering how long I can restrain myself 😉 ….

    1. “blogger’s spring fever” – if you’d know how much I suffer from real spring fever… But you are right, those buttons are a bit obtrusive. I’ll try to find either a better plugin or at least a better placement.

      And I will closely watch when you will succumb to the optical siren songs of spring 🙂

      1. Martina, did you notice the difference? Just one figure modified in a stylesheet and the whole conundrum of “add em, tweet me” remains hidden. I do love CSS…

  2. Markus, the interesting thing was the feed view – hope the link works.

    “Share and Enjoy” is nice, yes, unobstrusive.

    Yes, I have of course read about your spring misery – since IANAD I won’t give unsoliticed advice, 😉 – besides wash your hair every night, no clothes in the bedroom, try another doctor (this one worked with my SO – he is much better in the last years ;-))

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