Urn graves

November is in Germany also called ‘month of the dead’. The grey, cold weather, lack of daylight, falling of the leaves, all this is usually associated with death. And yes, during spring or midsummer, I would probably not have had the idea to capture the special mood of a cemetery, but now in November I did. The urn graves section of our cemetary was extended recently, and in a matching and harmonic way, as I think. Today’s images are from this part of the cemetary. Again I think, the wide open f-stop adds to the mood, to the vibrations of the image.


  1. …more of a gray mood, I’d say. November on a graveyard….Brr. But the photos surely capture exactly that. I especially enjoy the blurred, but still highly impressive, background in the leading photo.

  2. The first photo is fabulous, since it merges colourful autumn with the gray graveyard in the background. I’m not so convinced about the foreground of the second photo. It would gain more in its abstract colours and lines without the leaves.

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