Drizzle, clouds, snow

The weekend was weather-wise pretty much grey in grey, so this picture from last week might be a good representation. It is the time between the bright colors of fall and the beginning non-colors of early winter, where the drizzle is still stronger than the snow. But it is the first year where I can photographically enjoy this time, too. Only partially it has to do with good gloves and a good tripod, the bigger part is a fresher, free view that identifies beauty in more of its incarnations.


  1. I’ve only recently realized how much I like this “between” period you’ve described–perhaps because it has some elements of both seasons or perhaps because it’s a visual representation of change. Well done capturing that mood.

  2. As Earl says. Especially the main picture really captures the visual essence of the current season. And you seem to be at a very nice vantage point there – beautiful vista!

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