Another kind of autumn wind

Flying Leaves, Bavaria

The Stihl sound is quite different from the steel guitar sound, despite of similar sounds of the words. The first one is giving these days an almoust continous concerto. It’s end is not yet foreseeable as the trees still have good stock of leaves to distribute.

Oh, and if you wont to see wonderful portrait of a single leaf, hurry to head over to the Capture this blog of Laurie Jackson. Definitely worth a look!


  1. Yep, I’ll agree with both of the previous posts. It’s hard to believe that gas powered leaf blowers are still legal, given their ridiculous pollution levels. But, the photograph is wonderful.

  2. Damn, you had to go and post this, huh Markus? The other day I was driving to the grocery store and saw 5 or 6 guys walking in a line, all with one of these things. The resulting blizzard of leaves was a photograph waiting to happen, but alas I had none with me. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Nice shot. At least you were prepared!

  3. @Paul: Almost never leaving the house without a camera any more – it is my recipe to combine photography and the lives of a father of three and IT professional. Now in the winter it’s already dark when I stop working, so the opportunities would be reduced to the weekends where there is a natural competition for this scarce ressource from wife and kids.


  4. Nice shot, thanks for sharing! As you know, I’m basically using the same recipe for my photography (with the father part missing), so it’s quite depressing for me at the moment, since I have to leave the house in darkness and come back when the light is gone again. I’m thinking about buying a really fast lens, like f/1.1 or so…

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