Crossing the City Streets

Graphically appealing as it is, my heart does still not beat for streets like this. Fearing the small town’s tight social control, the lack of variety, the sometimes hardly tolerable stubbornness and/or naivite in the countryside, I still do not feel at home strolling through the city where I have spent my youth. So I live from week to week with the balance and tension of these antipoles and learn to enjoy the fine balance, trying to visually embrace all the interesting sceneries here and there.


  1. It is very industrial and, in that respect, pleasing to the eye. But living in a place like that? No thank you!

    I like your perspective on this one!

  2. I’m with you on this one. I’m not a big city person, but then again, I’ve never lived in small city either. The smallest city that I lived in as were I was born and grew up, Akron, OH. It has a constant population of about 225,000 or so people. Even while growing up, my favorite thing to do was to go to a park, away from the hubbub of the city.

    I do find some things interesting to photograph in the city. Sometimes I find interesting statues, fountains, or other items, such as this walkway, but in the end, I leave soon. I just don’t care to see people hustling back and forth.

  3. I understand your opinion … but this shot is really excellent with this different colors and reflections and the two humans.

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