Coming from the Octoberfest

Since the weekend, parts of Munich are in a state of emergency, as the Octoberfest has started. For reasons almost completely opaque to me, within 16 days up to 7 millions of national and international visitors drink approx. 5 million litres of beer in temporary beer halls while listening to to dem-idiotic music that is so loud that municipal engineers have to check that it is at least not immediately damaging the sense of hearing.

But even for the locals here the Octoberfest is still attractive and a reason to wear traditional bavarian clothing (or what designers decide to deviate from it). The lady in the image above I met in one of the attractive, now completely gentrified quarters of Munich in front of an old house, probably dating back to the 2nd half of the 19th century. The colors and cut of her dress, ‘Dirndl’, are quite traditional, without visible ingratiation on fake cottage style.


  1. Yes, of course it is quite dumb, I’m also not _that much_ attracted by masses of people who drink way to expensive (and too much) beer in stuffy tents. But I see it as a very interesting phenomenon because it is full of contrasts. And my plan is to picture some of those. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to improve my street shooting skills, since one can photograph quite undisturbed and without being noticed.

  2. By the way, I refuse to wear my precious traditional ‘costume’ inherited from my grandfather at the Oktoberfest. When looking at all those fashion faux pas it just feels so wrong.

  3. Perhaps it’s not such a mystery–perhaps it’s just an opportunity for many to get away and have fun. However, I’m sure it’s not so much fun for those who have to live through it each year. 😉

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