K.i.s.s. – Keep it simple, stupid!

Nice new blog, isnt’t it? I got several thumbs-up comments and was happy – sleek new design, not too distracting and all. But – those comments came from those who could comment. And with ‘could’ I don’t want to hint to their ability to write, but to the sheer technical possibility to get their comment posted. Those who couldn’t comment were very well knowledgable and able to click the submit button – alas, that fine fusion theme does not play nicely with older browsers like firefox 2.0 or internet explorer 6. If there would be only some optical quirks or marginal display deviations, I would not care too much because browsers do have their own idea what is correct, and sometimes they don’t, but in this case probably the jquery javascript library had its issues with the way it was used here. And in the end this blog is about photographic content, not web 2.0 javascript gimmicks without real value. Locking out users because of the version of the browser deems me to be outright stupid.

K.i.s.s. - Keep it simple, stupid!(2) Thanks to Carl Weese from Working Pictures and also WPII Pictures in Public and also Oren Grad from Things seen  I was able to track things down. After some testing I decided to go with a new theme, which needs of course some modding to make it fit for my needs, so don’t be surprised if the look of the pages undergoes some further changes. But for a while, I think I will use the ‘minimalism’ theme. Keep it simple, stupid!


  1. Markus, I was at the public library so I logged on from one of their computers and checked out the blog. The blog loads fine, the blogroll includes daily titles as well as blog names, and the comment–well let’s see if this goes in. This is running windows internet explorer

  2. @Carl: Thanks for checking. Given my preferences for free software, it is somewhat ironic my chosen themes work better with the internet explorer varieties, known for their non-compliance with the standards, than with the older firefox browsers.

  3. Excellent. They should put a big banner on their theme to alert you of such nonsense. I’m sure that you would have steered clear of it. I’m sure that you’ll be able to customize it to your exact liking. Are you going to put in the post date/time? 🙂

  4. Paul: I still am astonished that this seems to be regarded as a non-issue among the wordpress designers and in the theme collection of wordpress.org – it seems that the majority of bloggers is on the geek side, happily assuming that their readers are as well. So there is no solution but trying it all by yourself – and repairing, if possible, or otherwise writing completely from scratch. My current theme is simple enough that I see it possible to correct where necessary and to extend – the gallery pages without sidebar are already an extension I wrote myself.

    Oh yes, and date/time in the posting I have corrected – thx for reminding again.

  5. Yeah, those nice, hidden pitfalls. Good that email is not affected from those glitches 😉

    And the designers of your previous theme are either lazy or ignorant. Not sure, which one is less annoying…

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