city life

if you think ‘what a antagonism, yesterday traditional costumes and today such a urban scenery’ then you are right. but life in bavaria can be like this. my hometown with 18.000 inhabitants is just 2 train hours away from munich with its 1.3 millions, of which 30% have a migration background.

city life(2) and whilst i do enjoy to live in the middle of such opposing lifestyles, it is also true that i belong neither here nor there: in the city miss the smell of the clean countryside air, but there i feel sometimes oppressed by a certain know-it-all and we-don’t-need-all-this attitude. so teleworking and commuting at the moment gives me the best of both worlds.

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  1. I've been grown up in such a small town – and I certainly share both of your feelings. Hence I'm currently living in a town with 500 000 inhabitants. Good compromise…

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