marchin’ feet and costumes

in the course of such a long event there are enough occasions to concentrate on the details. the chokers i’ve shown some days ago would be worth a photo essay of their own, and so could be the marchin’ feet together with the lower parts of the costumes.

marchin' feet and costumes(2) those half socks, covering only the calfs, are called ‘stutzen’ and are a significant part of the traditional clothes of the men in the alpine region. for festivals and holidays of course they are knitted with decorations, and colour and pattern again show the affiliation to a certain region or nowadays a certain costume group.

marchin' feet and costumes(3) the men on these images wear ‘haferlschuhe’, brogues, and these shoes point to the landscape where their wearers live: the thick sole with a good grip predestines these shoes for hills and rough paths.

this is the last installment of the ‘trachten-gaufest’. if you want to see more images of this event, just have a look at the slideshow of these images on flickr.

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