travellers in upcoming storm

travelling home last week I was really p***ed: again the fast train from munich was late and the connecting train was gone when we arrived. such is the service of the deutsche bahn. my bad mood prevailed for quite some time, proportional to the non-facilities of the province railway station that freilassing is. it was late, a thunderstorm was coming and i had to carry some things so the hands were not free for the camera.

travellers in upcoming storm(2) after a while my better side prevailed and i managed to get some shots of the trains in the upcoming storm as well as the fellow victims in this inhospitable location.

travellers in upcoming storm(3) and when that guy on the next platform started his wheelies in the dry zone under the roof, just stopping before he got out into the rain, i was fascinated enough to forget about my anger and switch my camera to those fine iso 6400, not fast enough to stop his motion but sufficient for panning.


  1. Markus, great improvisation. A perfect example of the contention that *anything* can become a subject for good pictures if we just pay enough attention.

  2. I have to say Markus that I keep coming back to the main image here. I've always loved the juxtaposition of natural and artificial light, but it's the subtle implications of the image that draw me in. Just my interpretation, of course, but for me it's a metaphor for humans being trapped or imprisoned by the tools they've created to make life "easier". The woman standing in the train is cut off from the outside world (the "real" world) and is simply being carried along by this iron monster.

    Probably not what you intended, but it's what I "see"!

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