monet hiding in my lens

the quality of the viewfinder was *the+ critical argument for my first dslr – wearing glasses, a high eyepoint makes a big difference. but even the good finder of my current camera didn’t show me recognizably what this shot would look like later on – the blurs of color, dabbed over the background like from an impressionist painter I did simply not see in the viewfinder. the bokeh of my tele zoom, focused at 450 mm-e on the background, created the most awesome stipples out of the cherry blossoms and some foreground leafs. and once more i was glad about my decision to *always* shoot raw: whilst the original showed a slight purple cast in the background, resulting from the low sun peering through dark clouds, bibble and especially the brenda plugin helped me to form an image that met my memory of the light situation. again – no saturation slider touched, no ‘vibrance’ added.

two days before i had tried the same scenery with the focus on the cherry blossoms. the result wasn’t nearly as good as there was no clear separation between what’s sharp and what should be unsharp, with a resulting not-really-sharp impression and lacking emphasize on what i meant to be singled out.

now i am content with the result.


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