spring springs to life

sorry, i simply had to use this pun now. the light at the moment is gorgeous, especially if the sky is scattered with clouds and the backlight is less pungent and more revealing. even the lens flaws (my not-often-enough-used tamron 11-18) and the raw conversion problems don’t stop me to include the direct sun in the picture. f22 makes up for a nice star effect even without any criss-cross-filter – i do well remember the hype around those in the 80th of last century.

spring springs to life(2) the animals enjoy the fresh pasture, too. this white stallion grazes at schleicherhof, subject of yesterday’s post, and enjoys its charity. with probably 30 years (24 according to the horse trader, but popular wisdom here in germany recommends to never believe a horse trader) there is no work any more, maybe a bit posing for the kids and the tourists, not to forget the photographer.


  1. Gorgeous – I love the way you have captured to clear brightness of the sun in Spring as it shines through the fresh greens of the trees.

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