entrance door, kirchberg castle

the castle of the bad reichenhall district ‘kirchberg’, in the vernacular dialect lovingly called ‘schlössl’, is the cradle of the spa activities of my hometown. dating back to 1130, it originally served as an estate. changing owners led to various utilisations, and in 1723 it got rebuilt in the now visible baroque form.

entrance door, kirchberg castle(2) in the recent past it served as an upper class restaurant for a while and now is in private property. not the most prudent caretaking for such a historical building, as you can easily see from the lock in the door, which was inserted without only the minimum care for a historic place

entrance door, kirchberg castle(3) but the painting and the forms still are widely intact, and the weatheredness of the color makes up for interesting details. sometimes it is really rewarding to explore the photographic possibilities nearby, especially regarding the lighting situation. here i didn’t have to take it at first chance but could come back when the light was a suitable, cloud dampened backlight.


  1. We saw the green door and both of us went: Aah. Wonderful green tones. Thank you for sharing.

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