sleeping beauty

the spa district of bad reichenhall sported one beautiful villa next to the other, some used as early hotels, but many more just expression of the taste and wealth of their owner. those times are long ago, and the wave of renovation of the last 50 years has spared some places. depending of the financial power of their owners and/or the property scheme, a small number was run down and is now slumbering like the castle in sleeping beauty.

sleeping beauty(2) the parcels being in a pricey neighborhood but the renovation costs equally high, these places probably have to wait until the next change of ownership by inheritance and an irrefutable offer of an investor to get woken up.

sleeping beauty(3) the state run places like the spa center are almost everywhere in excellent condition – the comparably high tax load in germany makes (not only) this possible. and herewith i am also presenting the magnolia-must-be picture for 2009 (don’t know if i find another, better one…)


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