faucet in the pump room

back to my roots – back to b&w. paul lester&squot;s post never have a favourite weapon made me think about the influence of my preferences and the development of my photography.

faucet in the pump room(2)
black and white were my photographic origins as a student, and some of those pictures i still do regard very high. now b&w is much easier, sean mcpucket&squot;s bibble plugin andy even allows to choose film/developer/paper combinations for that old-time grainy look – i don&squot;t know how realistic those settings are, but frankly i don&squot;t care if my digital tri-x matches the real one, i prefer that contrast distribution over dark and light parts of the histogram is pleasing, and so be it.

my hometowns spa garden with the pump room produced the subjects where i tried to re-vive my b&w skills. here everybody waits for the guests and patients to arrive, the effects of the economic decline will be obvious in the next weeks even here in the gardens.


  1. Agree with previous comment – The black and white masterfully done.
    I love the bench photo – Kind of geometric, and a bit lonely in way, lonely benches, stand alone…

  2. The contrasts are indeed perfect! Those B%W plugins were always an area that made Bibble far superior to Adobe Camera Raw…

    But still no final version 5.

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