“don’t throw anything out of the window”

the dull light of todays afternoon could not motivate me to go out shooting, instead i spent some time with scribus, familiarizing myself with the sofobomo requirements to layout my pictures in a harmonic way.

the image shows pictograms on a train window, taken at this weeks commute to munich. i always carry my camera on these trips, but rarely use it that early in the morning, as usually my photographic brains are even more asleep then the rest of the body. but this time it had worked for me.

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  1. It really took me a while to realise what it actually was that you shot. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been staring out of a German train window. But, hey, the photo is definately appealing! Abstract, foggy, rainy… but very harmonic in its visual elements and colors.

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