hometown monstrosities

this i wanted to do for a long time already: portray the pollution of my hometown’s pedestrian zone with plastic surrogates of the old roundabout, blatantly constructed to empty the pockets of parents not able to fight the whining and grouching of their progeny, offering 87 sec of brrrrm or high pitched voices together with some movement.

hometown monstrosities(2) the newest generation of those one-armed bandits has proximity sensors, puking ring-tone like sounds to attract unblamable kids, assuming that the are degenerated already by having listened to too many strip cartoons.

hometown monstrosities(3) ok, i admit being ill-tempered today, maybe full-scale pollinosis adding to my fretfulness, but, believe me, those awfully colored plastic monsters encroaching daily life have been a nuisance since quite a while, optically as well as concerning the behaviour of the kids, spoilt by too lenient adults.


  1. Markus, I’m curious about your decision to reduce these to monochrome. To me color is one of the nastiest aspects of this sort of awful plastic intrusion into our space. I’d be inclined to use color to emphasize how raw and crude these things really are, with the implied criticism of how this sort of thing can coarsen the taste of the youngsters at whom it is targeted as marketing. Without their vulgar color, they don’t look half as bad as you describe them in your text.

  2. Carl, that really was a guts' decision, and in retrospection not the best one. For me the lead shot was working best in b&w because of the lines and angles, here I did not get close enough to make the color the dominating aspect (which it of course deserves). Especially the one with the Mickey Mouse is really awful when seen in color.
    Thanks for makin' me rethink it again.

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