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giving the pictures on the todo-list more attention – for lack of new convincing shots, that is – i found this one again and after in-depth inspection i am astonished again about the fine rendering of colors and details at iso 1600. This is really a great achievement and well worth last years investment in a new camera body. and in this context the new nikon d700 with its suspected low noise at high iso is really attractive. poor me who has invested quite some money in sony mount lenses… sony unfortunately seems to go the ‘more megapixel’ way which will definitely not make me buy a new camera body, and if it’s only for the reason that all my postprocessing can just handle the present 12 million pixels per picture and will slow down to unusability with the 24 million pixels the new sony will offer.

acknowledging the fact that 99% of the views on my images come through the internet at resolutions of ~ 1 million pixels, and for the rare prints and exhibitions the resolution of my camera’s sensor is sufficient, just more megapixels is simply not attractive at all. ’nuff said.

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