cobweb cone

now for something completely different. i found this cobweb in schönram bog on one of my random visits. early morning, full of dew, a beauty of architecture and form follows function philosophy. creating an image was a bit tedious, of course the angle finder was at home, of course there was just a light breeze that invalidated all the support the tripod could give, so this image is the best out of many attempts.

the postprocessing turned out to be difficult: lots of options, but no immediately convincing one. i tried black and white but had the feeling that i lost to many nuances in the cobweb itself. so i ended with this, desaturated and contrast increased and – maybe the most important manipulation – a cropped out sky. that sky offered a nice warm color but in my eyes was too distracting. but i am still not fully content, as there seems to be too much foreground not adding to the picture. on the other hand i’d prefer to stick with the 2:3 ratio. so this is probably not the final version.


  1. That’s certainly an unusal “architecture”. Well spotted! I guess, that’s actually one of the major benefits from being addicted to photography: One goes around in the world with ones eyes more open.

    The desaturation seems to work, for me at last. But it would be interesting to see the “original” photo…

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