fishermen at sunrise

the beauty of sunrise again. the kitsch-or-not-kitsch debate i have decided for myself to be not-existing anymore: beauty is a superior principle, taste is something indivdual and nobody has to like or dislike what i happen to like. for me this beauty (and my activity of capturing it) has a high value of its own, otherwise i would not bother to overcome jet lag, face tmvp militias in the form of 16yr old boys wearing kalashnikovs (oh no, not terrorists, on the “good” side!) and walk to a beach lugging around 2 kg of glass and electronics. so much for motivation.

even the klichee-like sunrise with palms: i don’t want to resist. those early morning moments, between night and day, are mysterious, powerful, promising, loaded with energy, still quiet but already carrying the noise of the day – they are just great.


  1. Good decision! I mean, why should we left our feelings for the beauty of a situation be spoiled by the cliché that it is a cliché? Just relax and enjoy… 🙂 Well, as far as that is possible when a pubescent 16-year old with an automatic gun is lurking around. Scary thought…

    Beautiful pictures by the way. They certainly capture the spirit of the morning!

  2. There is absolutely no reason to miss fantastic moments like this! The shot of the fisherman is fantastic!

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