what a boost for my ego: last monday the ‘sueddeutsche zeitung’ (1.35 mio readers) has printed the picture above together with a report about the results of munich’s activities in eastern sri lanka.

[edit:]regarding the ego: of course the whole project is a gratification per se: being able to dedicate your energy to the improvement of the life circumstances of victims of such a large scale disaster is a value by itself. it’s only that i am not always an ideal selfless person-

therefore you will understand my disappointment about the fact that my authorship wasn’t mentioned… well, joy and sorrow always take turns.

drinking water for the kindergarden or: victory and defeat


3 thoughts

  1. It’s great that your photo was used but horrible that no mention of the photographer was given.

    It is a great shot.

    tiff – inmyelement.net

  2. Congrats for the publication Markus – for the credits maybe you should simply ask them (maybe you did !?) – as for the image I really like the glance of the kid to the camera – very well spoted !

  3. That’s certainly a telling shot – photojournalism sometimes really works I guess.

    Congratulations to your publications! A shot in der SĂĽddeutschen is certainly something! Wow…

    That they didn’t mention the photographer surprises me a bit. That newspaper usually has a good reputation for handling their supporters (photographers, freelance writers, etc.) good.

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