wing tsun

the first time i made really use of the blue hour and the my old zoom. focused to close distance, wide open, the bokeh really becomes great. which is no wonder at the other hand as there are no diaphragm blades involved. again, anti-shake saved my day as handholding 320mm effective focal length at 1/20s shutter speed is next to impossible, even when leaning to a lamp post. iso 1600 as a usable sensor speed is a value in itself (as is auto-iso, when you are in a hurry), though i have to admit that with other subjects the grain is below the optimum.

it took some time, but it seems that i grow more and more accustomed to my camera and can detach myself from technique and concentrate more and more on seeing. and in the end, *this* is it what really matters.

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  1. … and now, the only question that remains: what the heck is “wing tsun”? Sounds like No. 23 on the menu of the chinese restaurant next door, but I guess that’s not what it means on the leaflet here.

    As in the next picture, it’s a nice play with a strong fore- and background that goes together really well with the equally strong color contrast.

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