Approaching the Himalayas, 1981

Afghanistan, Pakistan, India?

I am still severely handicapped by my broken right elbow, but Jeff Grant had hinted in an email, that I might visit my archives, if active photography is out of reach. And so I did. In 1981, after having been discharged from armed services, I traveled with a friend to Nepal in order to walk…

New Love in the Times of Plague

Steineralm, Bavaria

The times of plague have had adverse effects on my aging body’s fitness, therefore I bought a second-hand mountain bicycle some weeks ago. This turned out as a very good deal: The bicycle is a real beauty, roughly 25 years old but in very good condition, and my eagerness to work out grew with every…

If I think of Germany in the night

If I think of Germany in the night, City Hall Marketplace, Hamburg, geotagged, Black & White, Common Places, Heinrich Heine, Statue, Urban
City Hall Marketplace, Hamburg (OSM)

This statue was erected in commemoration of the German poet Heinrich Heine (1797 – 1856). The title is from the first line of his poem “Nachtgedanken”, where he casts a pessimistic view on the Germany of his time, not knowing that things would grow much much worse centuries later. Heine was a democrat and a…