1. Your timing on the position of the girl walking while reading her phone is perfect. Also, because she’s against a white wall the first visual impression is that she’s a silhouette, but no, she’s fully detailed. Something I learned many decades ago from David Vestal is that a really good print can look snappy from across the room which draws you in to look at it, and then becomes softer, more revealing of detail after detail as you approach it all the way to reading distance. Prints that don’t do that are disappointing. A hint of that still applies to jpg’s viewed online.

  2. Carl, here I took three images in a row, but only the first one showed the lady at exact the right place.

    Fortunately, at low ISO the sensor of my camera has enough dynamic range to master the span between that bright white of the wall in the background and the dark skin and the interior of the stalls.

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