The Brush


Cleveland House, Harare

As the charging port of my laptop cgave up 3 days ago (just in the prep phase of our project’s final conference) I am thrown back to my phone. But tomorrow I depart for home


  1. Quite a place you have photographed here. It’s beautiful in its strange way. Love the almost monochromatic nature as well as the nitty gritty, worn out feeling. Only a green counter point.

    1. As so often, this was luck and an open eye – which I am unable to push, unfortunately. Maybe frustration about a long day in the office without measurable success and the slight despair caused by these facts helped me in the end to focus on something else.

  2. Toi-Punk ?
    Mit Eggleston im Hinter-Sinn.
    Sehr schön, gerade die zurückgenommene Farbigkeit mit dem einen Akzent, der einen schmunzeln und zugleich genauer hinschauen lässt.
    Gruß und guten Flug,

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