Murano Glass


Hotel Villa Lina, Venice (OSM)

This is one of the “if life gives you lemons” stories that really ended successful: Two days before taking this image, I had hauled all my luggage through the island of Murano, and when arriving in the pre-booked hotel I had to learn that it was overbooked – giving me another foot trip to a replacement room for the first night and then again a walk to a second replacement room. But the latter was a wonderful place led by the wife of a retired glass designer, with very tasteful pieces here and there – perfect in the arrangement. So in the end I was more than glad about the overbooking of that first hotel of my choice.

One thought

  1. Many years ago we spent an afternoon at the Murano glass factory. I thought the glass material just beautiful, but the design of some pieces less pleasing than the glass itself. This red bowl looks great. Also like the composition of your photo. Good your stay turned out well.

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