1. And cheerleading! No offense, I understand cheerleading is strenuous, risky, and requires a great amount of training and skill.

    1. Oh well, cheerleading is something strange, especially in an evangelical environment (at least for my eyes). And parts of the Zim society are convinced followers of their churches, oh my!

    1. Extensions are all the rage in Harare, Tom – for me it’s hard to understand how one would want to sit for hours just to get a temporarily different hairdress.

  2. In a sense, what you have here is a double-exposure, in that there are two unrelated but very interesting images in the same frame. One is the t-shirt with the text (and the white tag sticking up). The other is the wall illustration, which is a delightful flashback to the old computer days of clipart.

    I actually like the ‘second image’ better, and wish the people would leave the frame.


    1. Tyler, it’s those rare moment when things come together – however unrelated they might be – that create an interesting tension for me.

      Aesthetics are unusual over there, on the not so affluent facades clearly from before the photoshop-everything time.

    1. A hairy society for sure, Walter! I was told stories that definitely made stand my hair on end.

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