The Task ahead


Cleveland House, Harare

This is the very energetic and friendly administrator of the map room of City of Harare: Through a handwritten inventory of all parcels (or stands, as they call them here) he finds all maps in the scale 1:1250, nicely drawn in black ink already in colonial times, and manages all the subdivisons, sales etc. At the moment he can do this all alone for a city of 2.5 Millions+, but as soon as the economy gains momentum, he might just drown in requests. And just think of the limited lifespan of such hand drawn maps. This is where our project steps in, supporting the administration to move to a GIS based cadaster in the next years.

On a personal level: this post is written under more than adverse conditions, as the harddisk (still under warranty) of my laptop broke down. With that I lost some images I took the last days, but I could borrow another machine, install a trial version of my raw converter on it and now I am juggling files between several flash drives and a small external harddisk… It is only reassuring that the defective hard disc is encrypted so I don’t have to fear leakage of private data, and – that I have all my credentials encrypted on a extra thumb drive. Look at if you are interested.

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