1. Beautiful, and downloaded. Shame about the farms, a trend that has been more or less completely played out over here. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/09/16/the-decline-of-the-small-american-family-farm-in-one-chart/ This chart doesn’t even count the farms that families used to rely on for much of their own sustenance, even though they seldom if ever sold much of their crops. It does seem that the smaller farms will only survive by finding a way to distinguish themselves (through quality or niche products) from the bigger players.

    1. Similar development here, Michael. I have studied agriculture in Weihenstephan university, and this development had already started 40 years back – and nobody in the university raised his voice against it. The German reunion gave another push, and so will the unrestricted import of agrarian goods after TIPA. But the German farmers, conservative to the bones as most farmers are, did not and do not want to see the forces who are eating at their very livelhood.

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