1. Markus, I admire how your photographers mind works noticing and capturing often abstract links in photos — such as this “speeding” car and the spares centre behind it. Perhaps one needs spares if driving at blurring speeds.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    1. Earl, thanks for the compliments. I certainly have a knock for motion blur, even with pedestrians, but here my search for a missing element that would bring the image to life was well rewarded.

    1. Carl, that spring (on the southern hemisphere) afternoon light was fine and soft – and I have to add that the E-M5’s sensor seems to be quite capable in rendering such subtleties. This is something that I had already earlier learned to love from my Sony A700, and this might be a characteristic of the Sony sensors (along with the blue sky noise), that they perpetuated in the product line the made for Olympus.

    1. Ah, Michael, I sometimes love to play a bit (if my fellow travelleres/walkers let me) and this situation was well worth a try, even if I was not sure how well that backlighted sky would come out.

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