2014 is Sofobomo Year Again!

2011 was the last Sofobomo (short for Solo Foto Book Month), and then I managed to participate successfully with the book Conditioned Krk, but 2012 unfortunately Sofbomo didn’t continue any more. So I was more than delighted to receive a message from Suprada Urval that he re-launches it for 2014. Thank you, Suprada!

The website is online and open for registration, and I can only encourage everybody to sign up here: www.sofobomo.com. And to dispel some fears: The books you create in Sofobomo’s fuzzy month (a self-chosen 31 days timeframe from Nov. 1st, 2014 to Dec. 31st, 2014) doesn’t have to be printed, but has to be delivered as pdf instead. I would be glad to meet you over there!

AC Fixtures: Blog, Urban, aircondition, wall

Pivka, Slovenia


    1. Robert, thanks for having a look at “Conditioned Krk”. I am glad you like it. Sofobomo was certainly worth the experience, a bit stressful but I was content with the results, and I’ve also learned a lot form the others’ works.

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