1. Wow, that’s great timing – both in the position of the bike and in the amount of blur from shutter speed, nice one. And I assume that’s a little translingual humor as well…not to be sacrilegious or anything.

    1. Michael, the title certainly is of the ‘tongue in cheek’ type. But then, as a biker a good relationship with the powers above might come in handy, isn’t it? Re. the combination of blurred passers-by: I certainly have developed a certain preference for that, base on a remark Carl Weese had made: He would often see a composition, so he wrote, that’s already good but not yet complete. And sometimes a passing pedestrian or car could then make all the difference. And I personally love the blur, beeing something typically photographic and also pointing beyond those milliseconds the shutter was open to capture the subject matter.

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