1. A great scene, again with the color in an otherwise drab gray environment. The stairs form a nice diagonal with texture. Is the telephone really that short or is it wide angle distortion? (I see a ramp along the stairs, so maybe it’s wheel chair accessible?)

    1. Michael, 24mm (in full frame terms) certainly brings quite some distortion, but is indispensable in such narrow urban environments. The ramp you see ends on the left side at a wall, but I guess it was used for deliveries in older times.

      1. Looking at it more closely, the distortion seems pretty minimal, the phone looks about the same height as the fence, so that may just be the way they are made there.

  2. In many cities this kind of thing is regarded as urban decay, visual pollution, a plight on society, however I can’t help but be attracted by such scenes. This is probably wrong of me but there you have it. Cool shot Markus.

    1. Cedric, I have similar mixed feelings about graffiti, and it does not really help trying to discern between the only defacing tags and those more similar to complex paintings: quite often they are a nuisance and a violent appropriation of someone’s property.

      But especially in Lyon – much more than in any other city I’ve seen before – a great amount of those graffities have artistic qualities that can make them part of the urban habitat, and quite a number of them (so not this one) make use of canvas closed shutters can offer, creating a large scale image visible only when the window owner wants to show it.

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