1. Oh… I like this so much. I have a strong liking for photos that contrast the apparent chaotic quality of Nature against the uniformity of man-made structures. It always creates a conflict in my head which is difficult to explain but which basically comes from being torn between the idea that one should choose one over the other (in terms of which is more beautiful) and yet being unable to do so. That probably makes no sense at all but your photo creates exactly that kind of tension for me. What is more, is that the row of shop windows at the bottom (which offer their own variation of chaos), links the two ideas perfectly.

    1. That tension I feel as well, Cedric – and for me that makes this photograph so important. I am not yet at that point where I could really embrace it, but at least recognizing it, accepting it as it is, that is an important step on the way of de-boxing the visual stimuli, on true seeing.

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