Rue de la Régence, Brussels, (osm)

A loss for us all: Saul Leiter died November 26th, 2013.

I had the wonderful opportunity to see the retrospective show of his work in Vienna this year, and it has indeed amplified the impression his book “Early Color” had already made on me. His way of seeing certainly was that of a pioneer, and from what I could see and understand he has expanded his vision in photography and painting throughout his long life.

Saul Leiter 1923 – 2013


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  1. I hadn’t heard of Saul Leiter though when I looked him up I realised I knew some of his work. Definitely one of the greats.

    With respect to your own photo on this post, let me say that the red car exiting the frame is a nice touch. It amplifies the strong sense of permanence which the building instils with its form, its arches and those solid doors.

    1. It must have been “The Online Photographer” who had pointed me to Leiter’s work already in 2008, and one year later I bought “Early Color”. In my eyes it’s a photographic landmark of its own kind – translating many elements of the b&w picturing techniques and finding new ways of expressions in color. And probably Leiter’s personality, seemingly adverse to superficial success, helped him to work successfully and building up an own universe of imagery.

  2. What a loss. I page through Early Color for inspiration. He at least got to play with digital before he died.

    1. Yes, and I guess he just enjoyed it, certainly saw the flaws not as limitations but as challenges.

      Seen ex post my own gearhead phase was way too long, but I am glad that I learned seeing nonetheless. Leiter’s work, and especially the beautiful retrospective, certainly helped me.

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