1. That’s a very beautiful image, I love the different shades of blue very much. I like that you’ve included the boat into your composition, it really adds some sense of scale. Wonderful work!

    1. My preference for all shades of blue I think I’ve learned from my mother already as a small kid, and never given up. So I was only too happy being able to feast in all kinds of blue at that lake.

  2. Awesome misty mountains and that vast lake…and what a sense of scale with that tiny boat paddling around! I think you could call this massive minimalism.
    Nicely done!

    1. Thanks, Phil! While my city walks often result in a struggle with the compositional organisation of complexity, here that point/area composition was obvious. And so I tried my best to frame it appropriately.

  3. An excellent image, Markus. The people in the boat literally leap out at you – that’s the only place in the image where any real contrast exists. And placing the boat near the bottom of a vertical orientation adds to the sense of human “smallness”, I think. Having said that, I also think the viewer can make any number of symbolic interpretations. The mist (or fog), the dominance of the color blue, and the fact that the people are rowing (no apparent motor on this craft) could all play a part in how one interprets this. I really like this.

    1. Paul, thanks! That’s the fine thing with such minimal yet symbolic images, that each viewers mental setup will offer different associations depending on personal experiences. Just an addendum from the European perspective: On this lake, combustion engine boats are forbidden during the tourist season – given the smallness of the place and the number of people affected, certainly a wise decision. But in terms of freedom…

  4. Dieser, Dein Minimalismus haut mich f├Ârmlich aus den Socken. Ganz gro├čes Kino, mein Freund! Ganz gro├čes Kino!

    Viele Gr├╝├če & weiterhin sichere Stra├čen, Fritsch.

    1. Da ist eine ganze Welt gefangen in diesem Moment – leises Wellenpl├Ątschern, irgendwo ein Zug, Nebel der noch nicht wei├č ob er sich wirklich aufl├Âsen soll, irgendwo ein Fischerboot, das gerade verharrt. Der (richtige) Kopf braucht gar nicht viel, Florian!

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