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  1. Style that I would love to browse, but I think the trip may be too long for a lamp.

    Nice use of reflections in the image.

          1. It has been a few years, but we visited a few of Ludwig’s castles, drove the Romantische Straße and stayed in München. It was a wonderful trip that I would like to do again someday. Southern Germany is really pretty.

            1. Ah, so you have seen some of the really pretty parts. Nowadays they are not so typical any more, of course, and the modern Bavaria has its ugly parts, too (but which place hasn’t). So if you come, maybe you could extend your visit towards Salzburg and the Salzkammergut lakes. That adds a bit to the overall picture, with the Alps as an influential factor, but is certainly no that much romantic. Anyhow, if you come around, maybe we can meet for a coffee or a beer!

  2. Big fan of these types of images: reflective shop windows. I took a similar one only a week or so ago; different shop, different lights of course but similar in concept. I’ll have to find it though I don’t think it has as much interest within the frame as yours Markus. A lot to look at and my favourite little surprise is the lights half way up the left edge of the image in the reflected building. Excellent.

    1. Cedric, I am also very fond of these sceneries, as they are one of the rare technical possibilities to mix sceneries, if you don’t want to resort to synthesizing them. As much as I admire the phantastic elements in Uelsmann’s work, for me it’s already far away from what is photography for me.

      As much as I love my shop window reflections (the Venice one here and the Irish here I regard very high, too), I always dread that they might become a subliminal addiction. But up to now, I enjoy them too much to be able to resist them.

      1. As far as addictions go, I dare say you could do much worse 🙂

        I admire Uelsmann’s work as his visions fascinate me but, and I say this with all sincerity, I would sooner see an exhibition of your work than Uelsmann’s.

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